Hawaiian Mamaki Tea Tin

Hawaiian Mamaki Tea Tin

We offer loose leaf Mamaki tea in the following forms:

  1. One-half (1/2) ounce tin of loose leaf tea
  2. One tin containing ten (10) pre-packed tea bags


The smooth flavor of our Mamaki tea blend comes from selecting the best of red, pink, and light green Mamaki varietals.  Each leaf is handpicked and each product carefully packed by hand to ensure a delicious and relaxing experience for both novice and consummate tea drinkers alike.

Kilani Brew’s Mamaki tea has a bouquet of fresh clean hay, an herbaceous body, and a light mint finish.  On the palate, Kilani Brew Mamaki tea possesses a nutty, earthy, and roasted flavor with herbal afternotes, developing a subtle sweetness the longer the tea is left to steep.

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