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Hawaiian Mamaki Tea, Fine Grind

Hawaiian Mamaki Tea, Fine Grind

Our fine ground Mamaki tea is sold in individual five (5) ounce pouches.


A byproduct of our loose leaf tea process is this fine ground, almost powderized version of Mamaki.  Similar to matcha, use this version of our Mamaki tea for a bolder cup of tea, or to infuse the flavor and health benefits of Mamaki into your favorite dishes.  Grind size is generally around 1mm and no larger than 2mm.


Please note: If you plan to brew tea with this finely ground Mamaki, it is usually too finely ground for most tea diffusers and will pass through the filter mesh.  This fine grind tea will also clog most paper filters.  We have found that ESPRO french press filters are capable of filtering the tea with little to no clogging.


Kilani Brew is not directly affiliated with, maintained, or authorized by ESPRO.  All products and company names are registered trademarks of their original owners.  The use of any trade name or trademark is for identification and reference purposes only and does not imply any association with the trademark holder of their product brand.


The smooth flavor of our Mamaki tea blend comes from selecting the best of red, pink, and light green Mamaki varietals.  Each leaf is handpicked and each tin carefully packed by hand to ensure a delicious and relaxing experience for both novice and consummate tea drinkers alike.

Kilani Brew’s Mamaki tea has a bouquet of fresh clean hay, an herbaceous body, and a light mint finish.  On the palate, Kilani Brew Mamaki tea possesses a nutty, earthy, and roasted flavor with herbal afternotes, developing a subtle sweetness the longer the tea is left to steep.

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