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Tea the way it should be: Local

We founded Kilani Brew with one goal in mind:

Provide high-quality, locally sourced, great tasting tea.


Kilani Brew is a locally owned and operated farm owner and tea processor based in Wahiawa, Hawaiʻi.  Passionate about Hawaiʻi, agriculture, and heritage, Kilani Brew specializes in growing and purveying premium Mamaki tea.

We also offer a variety of unique Hawaiian Tea product options, all locally sourced.

The smooth flavor of our Mamaki tea blend comes from selecting the best red, pink, and light green Mamaki varietals.  Each leaf is handpicked and each product carefully packed by hand to ensure a delicious and relaxing experience for both novice and consummate tea drinkers alike.

Click here to see a creative twist on preparing our tea by world renowned Chef Ming Tsai.

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